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The Risk-Free Solution You’ve Been 
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Hey, it’s Brendan Mace. A regular Canadian dude & #1 Best Selling software developer on the W+ network.

Today I make well over 6 figures per month online … but starting out was 

It meant investing money I couldn’t afford to lose … a common problem for so many new marketers.

That’s why I developed Stomperrr - an all-in-one DFY system that works with zero upfront costs.

Perfect for both beginners AND current marketers that want to diversify without the usual BS & expenses.

To do it, I had to address the “elephant in the room” that the gurus don’t like to talk about...
Business Is
Whatever System You Follow...
… It’s YOUR money & time on the line … and there are
ZERO guarantees you’ll make a profit
BUT when you help OTHER business owners instead …
There’s ZERO risk because you get paid upfront.
And the RIGHT system can help you make  6+, 7+ or 8+ figures
every year...
Predictable Income,
Day After Day

Don’t worry - this has NOTHING to do with learning new skills or doing ANY work. 

With this software, everything’s automated for you from A-Z.
You’re About To See How EASY It Can Be To Bank Online …
Paid Tools
No website, hosting, autoresponder or other tools needed

A List OR Traffic
You won’t need to create a list, drive traffic, or waste your time posting on social media and forums
ANY Tech Skills
EVERYTHING is DFY with the software or easily outsourced
[we show you how]

This Powerful System Is TWO Income Streams
In One:
It’s Making Us BOTH Fast Payments Upfront
AND Consistent Long Term Paydays
How Are We Making Push-Button Profits
Like These?
  • The AUTOMATED software finds you the exact people that have real website issues … ones they’ll happily pay THOUSANDS of dollars to fix
  • The same software lets you notify up to millions of people… so that the sale is fully automated.
  • Then [BEST PART] the software FIXES their website problem automatically, and you keep 100% of the profits
  • The easiest way to make money online is solving problems …
  • Automatically notify up to millions of people about their problems
  • Then blast the ‘Effortless’ done for you solution that pays YOU
  • After fixing your client’s 1st website problem, the software then identifies up to 4 more MAJOR issues …
  • Then generates a report you send to your clients using the included email templates
  • It’s EASY to outsource the solutions for pennies on the dollar [we’ll show you how]
  • This is ‘Effortless’ arbitrage where YOU get paid while OTHER people do the work! 
Why Does This Work
So Well?
You’re SOLVING The #1 Problem Of Business Owners & Marketers …
Under-Performing Website Traffic & Sales


There are over 1.94 BILLION websites in the world


Over 90% of them are SLOW by Google & customer standards


57% of visitors leave a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load


Stomperrr Absolutely Destroys Any Other
METHod because it focusses on what works…
And The Best Part?
  • The software finds up to MILLIONS of people that need help
  • It generates professional reports that turns problems into cash
  • Everything is 100% "Done For You" inside the Stomperrr system
  • AND even the solution itself is provided automatically, even though your commissions are large 
Here’s Where It Gets
On TOP of the DFY service solution, Stomperrr ALSO identifies FOUR more common website issues:

Broken Links, On-Page SEO, Mobile Optimization & Social Linking .

The software generates a report on these critical traffic factors ...

All YOU do is notify REAL PEOPLE of their REAL PROBLEMS ...

Then when they ASK for your help … you are there to collect the commission :-)
To potentially 4X your profits from EVERY customer!

Without Risk

Wasting ANY Time

And ALWAYS Getting Paid upfront

This Is THE Easiest
2-In-1 Income
SOLUTION You’ve Ever Seen
Zero Risk. PURE Profit
Stomperrr unlocks a never-ending stream of wallet-in hand clients DESPERATE for your help.

The smart software finds the customers, closes them for you,  and DELIVERS the solution …
All from inside ONE dashboard. 
See How EASY It Is In This Quick Demo Showing The Software
In Action:
Built-In Scaling Helps Maximize Your
Earnings From Every Client
Stomperrr SOLVES the #1 problem of all business owners & marketers:  
slow, underperforming websites.
And It’s Literally
3 Step
Scaling To The Next Level
In addition to finding speed issues, the Stomperrr software is able to find several more "income producing" solutions instantly
A huge majority of website owners have NO CLUE why their sites are underperforming.

These 4 key areas - when fixed - can turbo-charge the results of any site … 

And you can charge premium rates by fixing them.

Stomperrr identifies the problems AND practically forces customers to "buy in"
  • Notify up to millions of people about their problems.
  • When they ask for your help, collect your commission
  • Then let our app "AUTOMATICALLY" provide the solution instantly
4 Reasons
Why Stomperrr Is A HASSLE-FREE Online Income Solution:
This is a free business model. 

You don't have any costs or expenses, just blast away & collect the commissions!
[Yes it’s true - with this system you’re not ‘handcuffed’ into any single niche]
With 1.94 BILLION websites in the world, it’s REALLY easy to focus on niches that actually interest you.

Target whatever niche you want. You are in full control with "Stomperrr"
You won’t need a list, traffic, or even a website.
No content creation, no making videos, no spamming social media.

This is a DIRECT-TO-PROFIT model without any of the BS.
This is truly incredible.

STOMPERRR works for any site built on ANY platform, opening you up to an unlimited customer base. 
How Much Can You Make?
Say YES To Lazy Paydays … With A System That
Does It All For You
  • The software finds thousands of opportunities
  • Generates professional reports to land $1,000 paychecks
  • Sends messages to up to millions of website owners
  • Automatically provides the solutions. 
  • AND uncovers even more "income steams" once initiated
  • Everything "Done For You," so you get to keep the profits
See The Trend Here?
At NO Point In This Process Have You Done ANY Work …
The Software Delivers The DFY Solution
You Just Sit Back & Get Paid OVER & OVER & OVER again...
This 2-In-1 Income System Includes
You Need:
The included software finds you thousands to millions of prospects in ANY niche ... 

Generates real-time website speed reports for clients ... 

Lets you email prospects using professional templates from INSIDE the dashboard ... 

Then delivers the speed solution which you can either email to clients or upload yourself - for 100% pure profit 
Automated Scaling
The software analyzes 4 KEY metrics of your client’s site …

Identifies weaknesses & creates reports for each.

Using the included email templates, you share these reports & lock clients in for upgrade services …

That you outsource [we’ll show you how] so you bank hands-free arbitrage profits.
The software delivers you contact details for every potential client …

Lets you email prospects from INSIDE your dashboard using DFY templates ...

Complete with an analysis of their website performance & how you can help …

To literally close clients FOR you.
Inside your dash you can track all your client projects - including contact info, pricing, delivery dates & more …

Making it EASY for you to constantly grow your high-paying business service, all from one convenient cloud-based location
Unlimited Demand


YOU can deliver the solution, and charge hundreds to THOUSANDS per client …
without doing ANY work
5 Minutes.
In less time than it takes to get a coffee …
YOU can lock down multiple clients willing to pay you hundreds of dollars EACH.
NO Time Wasted.
NONE Of Your Money Upfront.
Pure, Easy Profits
When You Say Yes To STOMPERRR Right Now.
Because We’re 100% Confident In How Well This Works
[As are the beta testers] ....
100% Money Back Guarantee
100% Money Back Guarantee
We don’t want you to hesitate on accessing this game-changing 2-in-1 online income system.

So you get a full 30 days to make sure it’s right for you.

If for any reason you’re not BLOWN AWAY or change your mind for any reason, just let us know and we’ll refund your tiny one-time investment without delay.

A proven system with unlimited demand, and zero risk to try it yourself?

It’s a win-win for you across the board.

So now that we’ve removed all risk and are giving you 30 days to check this out for yourself … 

Click the button to get started INSTANTLY.
Still Here?
Let’s Sweeten This Already AMAZING Deal Even More
Grab STOMPERRR NOW And Take Home These Custom Bonuses To Take Your Results To The Next Level 
Bonuses Are ONLY Available During Launch Week And Can Be Removed At ANY Time
When You Combine STOMPERRR With
These Bonuses …  You’ll Be 
Passive Paydays Can Become YOUR New Reality
bonus #1
A full suite of training videos with "step-by-step." 

Everything you need to know to get up and running with Stomperrr in a matter of minutes from now. 

The easiest solution online just got easier. 
bonus #2
Automatically generate "profit pulling" reports that clearly show prospects their website problems. 

In our testing, this has led to a whopping 238% increase in overall conversions. And comes across as a professional solution. 
bonus #3
Get the "Agency Rights" to Stomperrr included in the launch special today. 

Another income stream from this product that comes complimentary with your investment. 
Answers To 
Frequently Asked Questions
q. What’s STOMPERRR All About?
A. It’s a software AND system that lets you earn by optimizing website performance for business owners & marketers …
By delivering multiple solutions to the biggest issues faced by website owners.
q. Do I Need Tech Skills Or Experience?
A. Not a chance. The #1 service is completely automated for you - the software literally creates the solution.
Add-on services - that can increase your earnings - are easily outsourced and we show you how to do that.

So the bottom line is you bank without doing ANY prospecting or ANY work yourself. 
q. How Long Before I Can Expect To See Results?
A. This will depend on your personal application of the included program.

Many beta testers have seen results within hours, but individual results will vary.
q. Where Can I Get Support?
A. We’re always here to help our customers. Right inside your dashboard you’ll find a link to connect with our pro support team.